7 Courage Building Exercises to Business Success

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Author - Jenni Cornette

The most important thing to master in business to be a success with continued growth is courage.  Fear is the number one thing that stands in the way of those that do not become who they were born to serve.  Courage does not mean that one is not afraid or without fear.  Rather, having courage is feeling the fear and moving forward despite the the uncertainty of the outcome or future.

When you have a passion,  purpose, clarity and a bigger force that compels you, you become what I have named and branded a SPIRIT WARRIOR.  Get ready to be fearless with my 7 courage building exercises to build business success in the mind body  beauty business like a true Spirit Warrior.

  1. Mindset is your reality.  You will become what you think.  You must practice and perfect the art of positive thinking. You must avoid and separate yourself from people that do not give your courage to follow your dreams and step into your light.  Surround yourself with a like-minded sisterhood that ignites your courage and elevates your confidence.
  2. Determine your fears.  Most people do not even know their specific fears because it is not something we think about on a day to day basis.  Make a list of your fears and plan to overcome your fears one at a time and will build your courage and confidence.
  3. A Spirit Warrior cannot have regret or complain.  Every challenge is an opportunity for growth.  Every dark phase gives opening for enlightenment.  Even person has things they must face, it is how you face your mistakes and learn from them and the ability to get up and try again that builds courage and confidence.
  4. Practice makes perfect, do something you are afraid of everyday.  This will grow your courage muscle just like you would grow a bicep if you lifted weights everyday.  You have to be committed to the process and growth to have courage outside of your comfort zone.
  5. Learn to accept criticism, every successful entrepreneur has had failure and been criticized.  Train your brain to think of criticism as nothing more than an opinion.  Take the personal emotion out of it, and the fear of criticism will diminish. We already know that not everyone thinks or acts the way we do.  That is what makes us ROCK STARS and SPIRIT WARRIORS.
  6. Set a daily intention, affirmation or meditation based on freedom from fear.  Imagine how your life will be based on you moving past your fears that are limiting your growth and potential.  Make this part of your lifestyle rituals as the first and last thing you do every day.  "Every moment of every day I become more and more courageous" "I breathe in my courage and exhale my fear"  "I face difficult situations with courage and conviction."
  7. Connect MIND BODY SPIRIT.  It is much easier to be courageous when you are healthy and grounded.  Make sure you are balanced and take time to nurture your mind-body-spirit to perform at your peak level.  Down time is important, time for self is necessary to survive the demands of being a modern entrepreneur.  A well nourished body will allow your mind to flow creatively and from the soul.  

Follow these COURAGE BUILDING EXERCISES and move your self from fear to freedom and join the Spirit Warrior Sisterhood.