The 5 B's : Building Your Mind Body Beauty Business as a Brand

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Are you struggling to get an audience or your books filled in your mind body or beauty business?  Use these 5 tips I have perfected in my 20 years of experience to keep new clients waiting to see you and keep the ones you have as lifetime clients.  

1.  Building :  Make sure that you are not just building any list of clients just to be building a long list, build a list of people that you can offer  your expert advise and wisdom to to help them address a beauty or wellness challenge they currently have concern with and document their concerns with a complete consultation.

2.   Mind Body :  When growing a holistic or mindful business, it is important to remember to stay grounded and have genuine balanced pure intentions for the people you are servicing.  Make enriching their lives and empowering them your goal and leave your ego at the door.  You shine most brightly when you show up to be of service.

3.    Beauty :  Where do you find beauty?  Try to come from an inner beauty perspective when building a beauty business, inner beauty is what lights up the core of anything.....a person, a business, a movement.  Beauty that resonates in the core will shine and have power not only to the base of clients you are here to service but also for you.

4.  Business  :  Just because we are in a holistic business, does not mean we should not have guidelines, rules  and professional presence and leadership abilities.  I believe it is best to always approach your mind body beauty business and branding with dedication, high expectations from yourself and those you serve.  I believe you should show up to give love and support and empower your sisterhood with courage and leadership and mastery.  Share your wisdom, do not keep your expertise to your self.  The more you share and education, the higher the vibration we create.  This will attract more like-minded Mind Body Beauty Babes, hence growing our sisterhood.

5.   Brand   :  You are your brand.  Present your self in the way you want to attract your clients.  Stay true to your core elements and your brand will fall in place with ease.  Passion driven and meaningful brands are the ones that go the distance.  Let your soul, your spirit be your guide to discovering your brand.

Jenni has build 3 brands in the wellness and beauty industry and has a successful spa and boutique.  Jenni will guide you to discovering your core elements for building your brand in the holistic, wellness and beauty boutique business.  Register now to unlock her Core Element Map Mind Tool to Discover Your Brand Foundation.