5 Lessons I learned from Operating a 5 Star Luxury Destination Spa for MIND BODY BEAUTY + SOUL

by Jenni Cornette in ,



I was very blessed in life to have TRUE AUTHENTIC MENTORS not only at home but in business.  When I was in my 20's I had the Opportunity to work under and be trained from THE BEST and TOP Luxury Spa Leaders.  I wasn't just given this opportunity, I ASKED for it.  While some of the team members (we had a team of 100) resisted change and new opportunity, I was in awe of the knowledge and expertise of the leaders I was going to be able to learn from.  I did not complain about RECOMMENDING HOME CARE or doing inventory or cleaning my room.  I did not dread the morning huddles and in fact, I would stay late and ask if my Insanely Educated BOSS LADY with the highest of expectations could teach me everything she knew.  I would work on my off time to learn from her and without being overbearing, I listened and watched and took in all the knowledge.  Within a year, after taking my Mentors lead and knowledge she shared with me.  I was Directing the team of 100 and I was doing it well.  So well I had the highest rating for 8 years at the Luxury Destination Spa and Resort and then began traveling to other locations to train other teams and other Directors.   These hand full of ladies from all over the world impacted my life more than they even realize and I will continue to honor them by staying loyal as I was to them, to having those on my team back 100% of the time, to having empathy and giving everyone the same opportunity they gave me.


1)   Mind your manners when it comes to guest.  If you are talking behind your clients back or rolling your eyes, If you are annoyed with them even on the other side of the united states on a computer, they can feel it Not only is it really bad mojo.  It also is bad energy that you are deflecting onto your customer, your team and your reputation.

2)  Retention is key!  Is cost you much more to loose a client you already have than to obtain a new one.  

 “The Loyalty Factor” in research at Harvard, only reaching Extraordinary Service developed loyalty and an increase in profits.   Only at or near 5.0 did customers become loyal and even advocates … impacting profits 25% to 90%. Referrals, repeat sales, and more sales from the same customers grew wonderfully at 5-Star locations/organizations.

If you are not growing loyal lifetime guest you are loosing BIG TIME.  Most small business owners and entrepreneurs do not even know the life span of their clients.  It is something any smart business lady figures out before she even opens a business.  Don't get me wrong, obtaining new clients is always important.  But the VALUE is in the lifetime of a client.  I have a extremely high retention and client life span.  The average lifespan of my client is 10 years.  Even if that client only comes ONCE a month at $200 a month and purchase only $100 a month in additional products.  (which most will purchase additional products throughout the year).  This is $36,000 income, before any ad on's referrals, or specials purchased.  That LOYAL CLIENT will refer 10 guest in her lifetime for a total $360,000.  (So Check You Ego) 

The MOST important thing to remember is you have to understand the client, so that you can serve them.  You have to recognize their need, be attentive to what they say and note how they act toward you so you can have an appropriate response.

Try to give a meaningful experience and create a true meaningful relationship and not just treat them like a number or the receiver of the same product all your clients receive.  This is the best way to do 5 star business at Luxury or higher end pricing.  It is not a cookie cutter environment.

3)  This is a BIG one, never treat your LOYAL CLIENT as if you expect they will always be there for you and loyal.  Do not have a client that has been with you for 2 years wait while you squeeze in the "new" client and think "oh Jenni will be fine, I can give her less and the new client more so I can focus on gaining a new capture.  This mentality will destroy your business.  All too often I see the loyal customer left to make their own tea or find their own seat while the first time client is swept away to a fairyland of newness.  You might not think the loyal client observes your tendencies, but believe me they do.  Especially ones that have shifted to your raving fans, cheerleaders and advocates.  Not only do they notice, but they are also hurt and deeply disappointed that they receive less because they have been there longest.  

4)  There is a BIG DIFFERENCE in something being someones responsibility and something being someone's fault.  ANY and ALL holistic practices, rituals, mindset or methods have no place for blame.  Your guest may fail to meet their responsibility on occasion, they might miss an appointment, be late or even forget to do something they have agreed and are responsible to do, in Luxury 5 Star Business, we do not place blame for a responsibility not met.  When you consider a client with a life time, things will happen.  They will have children, they will have personal problems, they may have disease or illness or loss that they do not discuss with you or with anyone.  I have had clients that have had to ask for memberships to be placed on hold because their family member had cancer and they were helping with the financial responsibilities.  I have actually seen in other businesses, the owner dismiss or expire the membership benefits and raise pricing if and when the person wants to return from caring for a terminally ill child or Mother.  I have EVERY LAST time and it has been often in owning my business for 13 years not only frozen the membership until they wanted to return at the same pricing, BUT I ALSO DEMAND THEY COME FOR THEIR REGULAR SCHEDULED MEMBER BENEFITS FREE OF CHARGE, because this is how I serve.  This is success to me, to be their for a client when they need extra support.  I have NEVER been regretful of giving, of serving, of having love in my heart and empathy towards another.  It has ALWAYS come back to me ten fold and even if it did not I would continue to offer it because I am a healer, a survivor and a sister to my clients and guest.  Most of them are like family to me and I will never allow money to become the ONLY reason I do what I do.  I give more than I receive.  I am a true PHILANTHROPIST not just someone who uses the word for marketing.  A Good person with Grace and Kindness does NOT Ever use the words ITS YOUR FAULT.  That is simply adolescent and I have never heard that at a RITZ Carlton or any other 5 Star Experience I have visited for ANY REASON.  I am fairly certain it is in the handbook at any 5 STAR LUXURY DESTINATION, I know if is in my manual.

5)   Resolving guest issues and challenges should be resolved immediately, with genuineness, smiles and sincerity.  There is not a business or person that is free of mistakes or having a bad day.  An apology can go a very long way and is often all the clients wants, to be acknowledged.  I always say I am so sorry I have not lived up to my standard and exceeded your expectations, how can I make this up to you?  90% of the time my clients say they do not want to be compensated and which point I always reward them with extra time or more LOVE or a special gift in the mail or at checkout, just something small.

Try my 5 tips on 5 Star Luxury Mind Body Beauty Business and I promise your revenue will increase by at least 25%!