Your Spirit is Shifting like the Full Moon

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Your Spirit is Shifting like the Full Moon

by Jenni Cornette (Founder - Spirit Warrior)

Listen to your spirit whispering and feel the power of the FULL MOON.  This is when SPIRIT is encouraging us to find the balance our heart and soul need to live our best lives.  Mercury retrograde (moving backwards) will be over in just 24 hours from the height of this full moon.   At the beginning of the month we had five conflicting planets in retrograde.  When Mercury retrograde begins on April 28 until Jupiter direct on May 9, there will be five retrograde planets for the first time in ten years. Resolving karmic issues can result in a massive transformation and evolution of your soul this year.

This Full Moon which is also a BLUE MOON is the beginning of the shift.  This is where the magic begins to manifest from all the actions you have taken the past year.   This is when you start making sense of the occurrences that have occurred the past three weeks. The time is now to balance your FREEDOM with your duties.  

No longer allow yourself to feel pulled in numerous directions.  This is an encouraging, uplifting and positive moon It reminds us that has our core foundations and deepest passions must be aligned.  Spirit Warriors are attracted to this FULL MOON in Sagittarius for its calling to be brave and have courage to face the truth of what is best for YOU.

Simplify, minimize, scale back EVERYTHING, focus your energy with FIERCE PRECISION.  Walk away from all that does not offer EQUAL BALANCE or evolution to you or earth.  This Full Moon has a special innocence, indicating that this is a period for renewal, rebirth, awakening. This is a time for a TRUE NEW BEGINNING.  This moon requires you to be authentic and true to YOU.  The time has arrived to Love yourself as much as you love others without guilt or worry.  Have gratitude and acknowledge the past hardships, challenges and dark areas that have came so that we can experience the light in fearlessness and peace. 

Come from a place of heart and soul desires, your body knows what you need.  This is NOT a time to push yourself.  If you are tired, rest.  If you feel strong work harder.  Listen to your body, the messenger of the Spirit, she knows what is best for you.  What is she telling you? Focus your energy wisely.  These energies can be exhausting, especially to highly sensitive types.   Trust Yourself, be considerate of others feelings of course, but this moon is teaching you to put the needs of YOU as priority.    Do not be in denial of the truth,  do what is in YOUR best interest.  Be realistic, be practical, be grounded.

Step into the truth and elevate your vibration to attune with the high vibration of the Moon, Planets and Stars, make the choice to become the light-worker your being called to be. Radiate and weave your light and SPIRIT in Fearlessness Bliss.  

Anchor into your cultural roots, remember where you came from, with a deeper sensitivity. Discover and live more deeply by understanding your heritage.  This is a truth moon.  Communicate and express with determination the need for MORE FREEDOM and balance in our lives.  Do what makes you happy.  Make sure to be mindful of self care.  To be of service is a beautiful thing, but we are not here to ONLY serve.  You are here to be happy and live your best life and be your best self.  Strengthen your skills that help you determine your core values and be one with source.  

Be patient, give love, and let SPIRIT WILL GUIDE YOU.  You just have to believe.