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 A modern day way to ancient healing arts and apothecary remedies for ailments and lifestyle concerns.  I use a holistic approach to health and wellness.  By taking into consideration the balance of mind, body and spirit and self care rituals as a necessity.  The result is living in optimal health and with happiness. 

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Massage + Bodywork

Rhythmic and relaxing touches restores mind, body and spirit.  Massage is an effective tool for managing stress which leads to better sleep, decreased anxiety, more focused and productive days.  Adding Massage to you self care rituals will enhance your quality of life leading to a happy and healthy self.

Skin Health + Rituals

Every day stress, toxins and hormonal imbalance show up and reflect in your skin.  I use a holistic approach to skincare, that will make you look and  feel renewed, energized, and rested.  I specialize in all natural therapies that are Eco-friendly and vegan. You will never leave a facial service at Body And Soul Studio feeling red, irritated, or with downtime. 


Detox + Energy Healing + Emotional Balancing

Five Element Therapies to detox and bring back balance to the body, mind and spirit.  The detox rituals follow the seasons to give you restoration, vitality and health by nurturing the appropriate organs and the correct times.  You will not sacrifice you lifestyle responsibility with this gentle and natural approach.