Mastering Mindfulness in everyday Modern Day Lifestyle

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Back to the basics living to mastering mindfulness in Modern Day Life.

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It is hard not to notice the chaos and lower vibrating energy we are surrounded with in these modern day times.  It is affecting each f us and changing the health of our planet in more ways than has even begun to surface.  Everything we do is at a fast pace and at a constant pace.    I feel both parents and children are addicted to technology and lacking genuine connection.

It is my strong belief that we have the power and responsibility to come together as a conscious collective to revive a back t the basics and rooted way of living.  I have been creating and collecting information and insight in key topics that, In my opinion, need our focus.  With our mindful attention t these innate lifestyle categories, the changes will assist in creating a happier and healthier space f ourselves, our families, our communities,  and the planet.

Firstly, and most importantly,  a simple practice daily to help you thrive and stay grounded in the chaos can change your entire life.  

BReathe is life.  Breathe is nourishment to every organ and cell in our bodies.    I am a Licensed massage therapist, energy worker, and skin care expert.  So many of my clients are holding their breath without realizing it. We are all stuck in the chaos of modern day society  Everyone I moving at such a fast pace that we are not as healthy as we would be if we took the time to slow down and do the simple essential task, starting without breathing.


It is my mission to help educate myself, my family, my community and our world by using a back to the basic approach to living, that is simplified.  A mind Body SPirit connection has been lost. and it is our responsibility to protect our elements, waters, mother nature and our future 7 generations by teaching and sharing the following necessary core elemental foundations for a better life with joy.  

Over the next few months I will be sharing my thoughts and vision n the simple things that need our attention in this world to make big changes.  Below area list of back o the basic simplicity that we all can slowly begin shifting to live in the world and space we deserve and desire.

  • Conscious Parenting

  • Mindfulness - meditation

  • Conscious consumption

  • Mindful Parenting

  • Breathing

  • Movement

  • Superfoods + Wholefoods

  • Supporting local farmers + businesses

  • Rituals

  • Following cycles and rhythms

  • Cosmos

  • Spirituality

  • Self-care

  • Morning rituals

  • Night Rituals

  • Meaningful friendships - sister circles

  • A revival of the arts

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