Mastering Your Spirit Warrior For Success

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Mastering Your Spirit Warrior For Spa and Beauty Business 

Let's face it we are living in a life cycle that encourages less use of the core elements we require to function in health and happiness.

While I believe that the internet and new media sources are most valuable to reaching and educating a larger audience, I believe that we must not leave ourselves behind.  When I speak of self, I speak of spirit.  Inside all of us lives our spirit.  As entrepreneurs you most likely have a very strong Spirit Warrior, this is the desire to succeed, to live, to fight through challenge.  We deplete are spirit if we do not nurture and protect it, keep reading to discover my tips on protecting your spirit.

It is important when building your beauty business, not to let the business of beauty steal your spirit.  I use Native American  techniques in my business to ensure I stay on top of my performance and at peak creative vibrations.

I use rituals in my spa and beauty practice for success and abundance.  These Elements are based on Native American and other ancient healers.  These  rituals can be used to grow your Spirit Warrior and also can be used in your business practice for success.


Begin each day with giving gratitude.  A meditation of thanks,  In the spa and beauty business you should also prepare for each therapy by starting with an exchange of gratitude by energy.  This allows us to achieve the best mind body spirit connection.


We are one with Mother Nature and all things.  Respect the power of the four elements and forces of earth, wind, fire, and water.  Acknowledge the seasons and all animal kingdoms.  In your beauty practice be aware of what types of products you are using in your treatments, also be aware if they are packaged in eco-friendly packaging.  Go to great lengths to ensure you are not putting anything toxic in the environment of your guest.

Banish Negative Energy.

Native Americans call this smudging and used tobacco and sage in their rituals.  In your spa service you can banish negative energy with intention.  You can mentally cleanse the room, you can choose not to let negative talk among your peers influence your mood or thought process, because you are "stealing" energy from your client if you are offering service with a negative mindset.

Create a Culture.

Be part of a community, family, and tribe while practicing business.  The we are one mentality is crucial to success.  Do not become so wrapped up in making money that you forget core principles of your mission.  In a holistic beauty business, love, honor and kindness should be enforced at all times.  In Native American Culture,the only time it is acceptable to act outside these guidelines is when you are defending or protecting your tribe. 

Find Balance.

Make sure to take time for your self.  Connecting with nature, nurture yourself and your relationships, incorporate self love rituals into your life.  You will be better at business, at healing, and at teaching if you are conscious about finding balance as a matter of lifestyle.

Native American beliefs are deeply rooted in their culture.  We believe that everything is sacred and lessons, and our purpose is found through every experience.  Spirit comes from a lifestyle of Honor, Love and Respect.  We honor our creator, mother earth and also every living thing.  It is about being in touch with ourselves.  It is about knowing that we are one with the universe and each other.  We believe our elders hold the answers, our elders keep the culture by sharing their skills and knowledge, we have much to learn from our elders.  Native American isn't blood : its is what is in the hearts.  In each of our hearts live a Spirit Warrior.