New Moon Ritual to Manifest Positive Change

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Take the day or a few days prior to the new moon to think about what positive changes you wish to create for yourself, your family, your community, and humanity.  I have found great power when my service or desire is not limited solely to myself.  When I seek positive change for every living thing; in nature, in humans, in the stars, globally and things much better than myself, the vibration is greatly elevated.

On the day of the New Moon write your Mantra for the Month in a beautiful way on paper.  It can be an index card, colorful, minimal. or whatever is beautiful in your eyes.  Include your family members, roommates, or sister circles to take part even if just in spirit to join the manifestation.  

Have at least 20 minutes set aside for your ritual.  I usually have 30-45 minutes, but my children do not yet wish to be in ritual with me that long.  So I give you permission to simply what feels right to you. 

During the month prior collect things that are meaningful  or may be a symbol to you.  For example, a feather from a hawk that you find in your driveway.  A shell from the beach, images or photos that have meaning to you, absolutely anything that feels significant may be used.  I often use jewelry and  I like to have art my children make me in school or letter they write for me at my New Moon Ritual.  Other suggestions are crystals, rocks, or figures of spirit or animal guides. Honestly, anything that feels special or sacred to you.  There is no wrong choice in this creating of sacred space.

Clear the space with sage, palo santo smudge sticks, essential oils, sacred water, or any means you wish to make it sacred.  Even simply setting the intention or a prayer to clear the space will work, if you do not have available these items.  

It is important to be calm, focused and present .  If you can be in nature and even sitting on the earth or standing barefoot you will connect more deeply to source and spirit.  Light candles that will assist welcoming your spirit guides and bring in the element of fire.  

If you can be near a body of natural water, this is magical for NEW MOON RITUALS.  If this is not an option you can use a fountain or even a bowl of water.  

Begin with deep, nurturing, grounding breathes.  Fill all the energy surrounding your heart and imagine your breathe moving in and out of your heart.  Smile and have gratitude for being alive, the beauty and art of your body, heart, and the breathe moving thru it.  You can take as many breathes as you feel necessary to get you centered, focused, calm and in a state of peace.  I suggest at least three breathes.

For the first few minutes I would simply allow nature to be the noise you hear.  See the positive change you wish to create in your minds eye.  See every part of your intention and dreams and mission happening.  Be there in the space when the positive change has already happened.  When you see it and believe it, it has already happened.  

Celebrate the New Positive Change that has just occurred with herbal tea, sacred music or dance. You can drum or stare at the stars what ever feels right for this cycle, as each will be different.  

Date the Mantra you created and keep it near your computer of vanity mirror where you can see it everyday.  Have a box or beautiful book or container to place this Affirmation - Mantra when this cycle has moved into the following New Moon.  It is a beautiful way to celebrate a new year or birthday to go back over the cards you created and see all the Positive change you manifest in a year.  

My Mantra for this New Moon and cycle is "Focus The Mind. Awaken THE SPIRIT."

I would love to see your New Moon Card including your Mantra for the cycle.

 I invite you to share it on our Free Community for moon, beauty, and spirit lovers.