Because of You I Shine Bright. Thank You.

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I have just come to the realization, that those that enter our life bringing judgement, darkness, unfriendly competition, unfair treatment, those that come belittling, have arrogance, ego and a clouded aura or intention are a blessing.  Low vibrating souls that knowingly take more from the relationship than that which is being offered or agreed upon are a gift.  These individuals bring opportunity to learn and grow and to truly PRACTICE being the LIGHT, this is how we become closer to Spirit.  These are the times when we can put to use our ability to LOVE and shift into a higher elevation of consciousness. When faced with darkness, we are able to sharpen our skills as a light worker, we become better healers and our sacred spaces and energy fields develop deflection and protection signals.  I know that I am truly aiming to be of service.  I know my mission is to give, share, help and heal unconditionally.  I have learned by being this connected to spirit, trusting and by being the light faithfully, at all times, that there is no darkness strong enough to dim my shine.  I know that I will only become brighter by continuing to LOVE.  I will gain strength by allowing any suffering or hardship bestowed upon me to be of service as an example of LIVING IN THE LIGHT.

 Because of the naysayers, name callers, pokers, posers and bullies I see the light lifting-in me.  I feel my vibrations rising as I experience disbelievers and fair weathered friends, family, and associations thru the inevitable waves of life.  I feel blessed and cleansed to have an awakening of those that are unlike me, those with alternative motives.  Yes, I have been hurt and I have suffered greatly from these beautiful lessons.  It has been in silence and with LOVE for the givers of this new found wisdom.


I want to humbly, on my knees THANK YOU.  Because of you, I have become closer to spirit.  I have grown, and I radiate a brighter light.   I have Loved more than I Loved before which was more than most others ever love.  Because of you, I have seen my strength, I have seen the protection that my faith allows my mind body and soul to experience.  I feel my chakras balancing.  My foundation is calling me home.  My container is holding me in my sacred space, developing a stronger woman, BIG LOVE GIVER, so aligned with my mission, my message, my purpose and my plan that I can now see with certainty my future.  I am unstoppable.  I am Love.

Love is Love and there is plenty to go around,   Let LOVE and SPIRIT rule your business and you will find JOY.  Joy is my kind of currency.   This is when I have creative surges, awakenings, and elevation in all things.  This is when GOD decides my direction in life and business.  This is when I become soft, yet strong.  I am gentle but rooted deep with focus.  

So if I could give those of you that still allow ego to talk you into writing non purposeful post in hopes of hurting, getting back at someone, or attempting to put another down.  My advice would be, be-careful darling.  In the holistic world of healers, intuitive visionaries,  light workers and certainly with Spirit Warriors, your plan will back fire.  You will make the Spirit Lifters, Soul Shifters, Medicine Mamas, Light-workers, and Holistic Healers SHINE BRIGHTER.  Those that are true to their practice will strengthen not only their Spirit but also the crystal they have around their neck, when deflecting the bad energy you intend to cast on them.

Keep it Simple.  Get Over Yourself.  Realize we are all in the same business, with the same ideas and intentions.  And Guess what ?  There is enough to go around when it comes to LOVE, and LOVE should be behind your message, there can NEVER be too much!    Say good-bye to judgement, blame, and other emotions that stem from fear and hop on over to the LOVE side of things.  It's so much easier over here!  I believe in love and I believe we all can do this, together we can do this and make change in our world.  BE LOVE!

(This writing of my own was Inspired by Gabrielle Bernstein)