The Silent Ritual

by Jenni Cornette in , ,

It is with great consciousness that we can gain the wisdom and ability to be silent.  In silence we are able to connect with the source, the spirit, oneness.  When we are able to quite the mind chatter, to deflect emotions or moods we are living in spirit.  Life is challenging, frustrations and confusion can prompt us to act from a head space rather than a heart space.  When we are less mind-body-spirit connected we will be quick to react.  When there is conflict among team, communities, family, friends : listen carefully.  This is often when you can learn a great deal about those around you and about yourself.  Know who you are and live in honesty, with integrity and compassion and there will be less need to speak and more opportunity for silence.  The mind - body - and spirit like this place.  This is love.  

A very obvious example is simply how does anger versus love feel?  How does your body respond?  There is a difference between standing up and speaking up for your beliefs, your cause, your "family" and talking simply to collaborate or conspire to attract a negative outcome.  If you have conflict you have a choice to either address the conflict or confusion in a loving heart space to find resolution or decide this doesn't feel right and detach.  Be mindful when you feel a mood or emotion that these are temporary.  Your brain is trying to tell you to listen up.  It does not mean you have to respond immediately in all cases.  Allow this temporary moment to resonate and then ask yourself if you are feeling this in your head or heart?  It is always wise to ask questions, in fact, it is a sign of intelligence.  To be curious, promotes creativity and can produce miracles and beauty.  Let's all be mindful to live inspired "in spirit" less talking, more loving action.  

Take moments throughout your day to simply be in silence.  

This is how we can change the world.  This is the way of a spirit warrior.