Regain your energy. power and joy to live your best life.

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The modern day to day life of work and technology, motherhood and relationships is moving at an all time fast and draining speed.  It is getting harder and harder to balance all of our responsibilities as a woman.  We are giving so much to everything else that requires our attention, that we are neglecting to take time for self care.  I am on a mindful movement to revive the practice of self care rituals and balancing in our life and community.

Do you have any or even ALL of the following symptoms?

Extreme fatigue + sluggish overall feeling

Unhealthy food cravings including sugar and carbs.

Easily agitated or confused.  Running late or missing for appointments

Brain fog and restlessness, low motivation or negative thinking.

Lacking patience and quick to act on emotion.

Difficulty making decisions - excessive spending.

Easily stressed and lack ability to manage stress

Loss of desire to do things you once enjoyed.  Weight gain.

Depressed mood and lethargy.  Hard to get out of bed some days. 

Stress and overwhelm. Unable to manage your time for productivity.

Sleep problems. Health problems. Digestive issues including indigestion or gas. 

No direction or drive.  Missing days of work, school, or appointments.

Arguments with friends and family.  Often in defense mode.

If you are experiencing the above, you are in need of balance.  The first place to start is with a clearing of the mind body spirit.  An introduction of the important of self care rituals, ceremony and following our intuition.  

I have developed a 22 Day Online Workshop for Mind Body Spirit Cleanse + Self Care Rituals.

 This is a intimate boutique personalized and connected experience that will return you to a state of calm, focused, confidence and clarity.

Enrollment is now open with VIP Pricing to the first 10.

Click this link now for more information and purchase at the current pricing of $225.  The price will be increased to $440 soon.  Do not miss the opportunity to cleanse your mind body and spirit for reclaiming your feminine energy and power.