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How may I be of service?

I help women find their beauty, create balance and build confidence.  I intuitively guide them to  discover clarity, while educating on creating necessary self care practices to live in joy and harmony.  If you are ready to take back your power and return to femininity, allow me to help you with my proven signature programs and rituals.  I was been in the spa, beauty, and holistic wellness business for 22 years.

 I am a Holistic Healer, Light Leader, Dream Weaver, Intuitive Mentor, and Visual Artist

BEAUTIFUL SOUL : A human being that has exceeded all definitions of what it means to be normal. They are enlightened and have a keen vision for the unseen. They speak in love and kindness and encourage others to become their own version of beautiful.

Can also be defined as a soul without limits.

"That woman is completely undefinable. She is a beautiful soul."

Five Element Core Essentials

The core element essentials is a foundation to live a balanced, holistic, harmonious life.  The theory is based off of ancient rituals and pertains to taking cycles for everything in your life, much like nature does with the seasons.  The focus is on wellness of mind body and spirit and the connection between them.


Self Care Rituals

Self care is crucial and essential to leading a healthy and optimal life.  Without proper care of ourselves, we are unable to nurture our family, or relationships, or career.  When we do not take the time for self love and healing, all system become off balance and can lead to off balance hormones and disease.


Holistic Health

I have 22 years in the holistic health and alternative medicine industry.  I focus on a back to the basics, natural approach to health and wellness that addresses the root cause of illness, or imbalance in the mind, body, or spirit.  I help discover the reason and treat the root problem to eliminate and not band-aid the symptoms.  My Dispensary is all natural and promotes the body to heal itself.