I help Modern Day Boho Glam + Gypset Mama Creative Types and Holistic Business lady VISIONARIES elevate their presence by attuning and connecting with compassion and unity for One Love, the arts, our eco-system, and world.  I use a back to the basics holistic approach to building business thru mind body spirit connection for optimal health, happiness, and performance.

 Define your own success, contribute to your community, empower, make impact and take a stand for what you believe is right and fair for a better balanced life and world.

 What do you stand for Spirit Warrior?  I will help you accomplish the difference you want to make starting with discovering your Core Business Elemental Foundations.

I help Modern Day holistic practitioners, artist, creative entrepreneurs, boutique and beauty leaders reach balance in their lives to best give their energy to heal and serve others.  You will learn the Modern day way to practice holistic healing and medicine, creative meaningful art and designs for your meaningful brand.  You will gain the tools and resources to avoid burnout, fatigue, and extend the longevity of your career.  This modern day way of business for wellness and creative entrepreneurs will change your life, give you freedom to work hours around your own life and you will reach a global audience.