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Our MISSION IS to EMPOWER WOMEN t reach THEIR full POTENTIAL and live THEIR life PURPOSE by working TOGETHER in Love and Unity o h o  th whole

I have created this program using my signature system with  my customized technique "Core Elemental Foundations"   It is a back to the roots approach to living and building business and is based and customized to you personally.  No one is like you, you do not learn or need the exact same formula to live your life or  build your business as others do.  I take the time and energy to spend time getting to know the people I work with on a deep level.  I use a holistic approach to include mind body and spirit and my own intuition to help you bring your vision and projects to life with ease and grace.  You will never have a coach that puts in as much heart and soul to building you dreams, than myself.

Jenni Cornette


We start this collaborative on MAy 29th.  Under The Full moon in Scorpio The element of Fire.



In this TRAINING we WILL cover

  • Rituals

  • Set your intention

  • Your Voice

  • Tapign into you intuition

  • Sacred meditations led by Jenni

  • how to hold space for your community, example circle work

  • Th 5 elements as related t life and business -Journaling

  • sound and vibration healing

  • PR and Networking

  • Brand Identity

  • Living and working in Seasonal Rhythms

  • Chakra wk and the 10 bodies

  • Time Management and Time blocking

  • Claiming our Gift

  • Masterminding+ Setting up systems

  • Business astrology by zodiac, Sun and Mon Sin

  • Strategy

  • Your true Identity

  • Goal Planning and completion

  • productivity tools and tips

  • importance of connection

  • Moon Medicine and cycles

  • Mind Mapping

  • Priestess, Biblical Woman, and ascended masters as archetypes

  • Throat Chakra clearing with Mantra, Singing and sacred chanting

  • masculine and feminine energy balance and the importance to have space for both within self and others

  • The sacred cycles and Directions. These teachings can change you life.

  • Feng Shui

  • Creating sacred space

  • Setting Yearly plan

  • Marketing calendar for full year

  • Food as medicine

  • Monthly goal setting and accountability

  • Sacred spiritual practices t evolve.

  • Communication Skills

  • Morning ritual

  • Evening Ritual

  • Energy Transfer and healing

  • teaching self healing

  • Website Building 101

  • Branding

  • 1-3-5 year plan an goal

  • Creating your own branded images

  • social media strategy

  • Teaching o own course that you charge fr within The Spirit Warrior Mastermind. I will promote an market you.

  • Numerology

  • Mindset Mentoring

  • Movement and Flow

  • building or community

  • Celebrating Breakdowns

  • Dosha Type

  • Soul path, Life path, Destiny

  • moving from fear to freedom

  • astrology

  • Confidence Coaching

  • marketing strategy

  • automation o systems example email sequence

  • target marketing

  • determine hat you areas sell or what you will add as retail to you packaging

  • Creating lifetime clients versus customers.

  • Tips an details of benefit of video n website and social media to dominate your niche.

  • self care rituals

  • Color therapy and color influence

  • Sun Sign

  • Mn Sign

  • Building STregth and momentum

  • Spirit Animals

  • Plant medicine

  • live cycles

  • image consulting (optional - Only is desired)

  • Intuitive branding

  • creating your own unique course and programs and curriculum.

  • Building and an email list

  • networking online an events

  • oracle energy

  • integrative and Functional Medicine

  • Signs and Symbols

  • Ancestral Medicine

  • Speed Masterminds

  • Dream

  • journal prompts for growth

  • Deep Dive monthly

  • surrounding yourself i beauty

  • Kundalini Energy

  • Birth chart Reporting

  • Mind Body Spirit Connection

  • Angel Work

  • Finding r happy spot

  • Reaching those that need u and connecting with them.

  • Essential Oils

  • serving from a place of love and heart center

  • Productivity

  • Tuning in

  • retreats and workshops

  • Crystal and Rocks

  • Discovering your Passion and your why

  • Resource Library Access

We will meet once a week for a one on on 60-90 minute (option). Usually last 75 min.

And once a month together online live stream discussion via zoom.  S I and  all can participates will  able to receive feedback and give and receive support to the the others in the group.


I will assign homework that will be followed up with and any assistance moving thru h process will be available.


We believe that every is an artist in their own unique way and we teach you how to tap into and build a life and business that you love and deserve!


I am so pleased to offer this beautiful and complete package o so many beautiful and spirited ladies and light leaders for a one time registration fee of $80 to start and then $111 monthly as a collaborative online project.  Classes and each discussion will be typed and each member will receive the material in copy and a replay of all video will be available in our private group forum  This level includes all benefits and teachings in the Mastermind as a bonus gift.