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Hello Beautiful Soul!

I am thrilled that you are here and interested in learning more about the work I do and how I can help you live your best life.

I am a Mama of three, a wife, daughter, sister,and friend. I value family, loyalty and honesty. I have a strong, yet balanced work ethic. I think this is something we all should strive for when it comes to living our dreams and life purpose.

I help business owners grow by diving deep into their core elemental foundations of their busienss. And i am an expert at creating customized strategies and structure based on your own unique definition of success to run your business in joy and harmony. I take the anxiety and stress out of creation of the initial building and growing by teaching you the way to building the necessary foundation, that must be set to have a long sustainable business structure to last as long as we need and want to work and share our gifts and service with those that need our offerings.

I use my 22 years of experience building several of my own business concepts and brick and mortar businesses the past 15 years, and helping many others to grow from the ground up or elevate the business model they already have that is not working or producing results. I teach my clients how to start growing and profiting. I specialize in getting you focused and inspired to take a direction and break your offerings into categories and become crystal clear n what you are selling and to whom you present your services to reach those that need you t hep them with the answers you have to their challenges. I help to get you in front of those that need you and are out there looking for your help.


Educating her community on wellness and mind body spirit since 1996, while Directing 5 Star Destination Resort and Spa's for a Global leader in the Spa and wellness industry.  While working for Steiner, Jenni led a team of one hundred and proved her leadership skills to be Strong while in her role as Director for 8 years.  This corporate environment gave her the knowledge of structure and systems that she maintained when opening he own apothecary and wellness boutique spa in 2004.  

Jenni went on to open multiple locations including spa and wellness and women's boutique.  Her locations received local and national exposure being voted Best of in Spa service and in retail selection, including The today show and multiple local award recognizing her as he best voted on by the community for over 10 years.  

Jenni's brick and mortar 5 star Luxury Spa locations were opened for 13 years, before she shifted to an online business platform in 2016.  She currently mentors and coaches entrepreneurs in the healing, beauty, wellness and spiritual business, build their business with a back o the basics holistic approach with her signature Program Core Elemental Business Foundations.


I use a back to the basics holistic approach to branding and building your business that includes mind body and spirit connection. My gifts are intuition, connection and collaboration. My mission is to make change in ourselves,our families, our communities and our world with love and unity. - Jenni Cornette